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Pros & Cons Clip In Hair Extensions – AZ HAIR VIETNAM – Wholesaler 100% Vietnamese Hair.

Pros and cons clip in hair extensions by AZ HAIR COMPANY
Pros and cons clip in hair extensions by AZ HAIR COMPANY

Struggling to choose what hair extension method is the best for you? Not entirely sure if clip-in extensions will suit your hair’s needs? Not to worry! Here at AZ HAIR, we have tackled both pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions. We’re here to help you decide whether clip-in extensions are tailored to your AND your hair’s requirements. Read on for the benefits and disadvantages of clip-in hair extensions…


Clip-in hair extensions before & after


Temporary Style:

For those of us who aren’t blessed with long, lustrous, and voluminous locks, clip-in hair extensions effortlessly allow a temporary boost of length and volume. Switch up your style when and wherever you choose! Their non-permanency allows us, indecisive girls, to change up our looks without having to be tied down to long hair for several weeks at a time. Bringing us to our second point of the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions…

Easy Application

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to apply. No heat or glue necessary and no cost involved! You don’t have to be a hair expert or take them to a professional to apply. In under 2 minutes, you can achieve instant improvements for your natural hair’s volume, body, and length! Plus, unlike other hair extension methods, clip-in extensions prevent damage caused to your natural hair. If applied correctly, breakage, excess shedding of your natural locks are avoided. Watch below for our fail-safe application tutorial for clip-in hair extensions. 

Low Maintenance

Another reason why clip-in hair extensions are advantageous is their low upkeep. Who really wants to sit in the hair salon for hours on end maintaining their extensions?!




Not permanent

Like our first ‘pro’, clip-in hair extensions are of course only temporary which is a disadvantage depending on your specific needs. They require added caution in some circumstances and are not able to be worn while sleeping without causing damage to both your natural hair and extensions. This may be an ill effect on those who seek their permanent fix of long locks!

Cons of clip in hair extensions

Hairstyles and visibility

Clip-in hair extensions aren’t the most undetectable of all methods. Unlike tape hair extensions, the clips are more visible at the root of the hair and do not sit completely flat against the scalp. If you’re a fan of high buns or ponytails or have extremely fine/thin hair, clip-in extensions might not be for you. Although, nothing a little styling and proper application can’t hide ????

Perhaps these pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions explain some of the reasons why we love clip-in hair extensions!

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