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How To Care For Wavy Hair

6 Tip Care Wavy Hair

1. Keep your hair moisture-rich. If your hair’s hydrated, you’ll notice the difference. You can use products that help moisturize your hair.

2. Wave goodbye to over-styling. If you want to keep the curl all day long, you don’t need to take to your hair with curling tongs and styling product. In fact, you shouldn’t. Learn how to style wavy hair without damaging it. Heat and overuse of styling products can leave your hair looking frizzy, damaged or weighed down.

3. Comb with your fingers. Yep! If you gently comb through your hair using your fingers, it will pull less and help to maintain that wavy definition.

4. Embrace the finger twirl. Using your fingers to help define your hair’s curves is a simple, easy way to calm frizz and maintain curls.

5. Keep it cool. Lower temperatures are best for keeping the curl and avoiding the frizz. So, lock the moisture in using the right wavy hair products and keep the styling tools on low heat.

6. Pin it up. Use a few pins or a tie to keep your hair up and in shape. Carefully pin those waves into place and show off that wavy up-do.

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