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Five Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Hair Extensions Online – AZ HAIR COMPANY


Five things you need to consider before buying hair extensions online. AZ HAIR VIETNAM

Have you just thought of buying hair extensions online? It may have just come across your mind recently, especially if you have watched Selena Gomez’s recent interview with YouTube icon Lilly Singh, with her surprising revelation about her beautifully cascading, raven-black tresses, which she says are full of secrets! If you’re among those women who have never even run their fingers through a hairpiece, don’t stress! We are here to guide you through the frequently asked questions so you can confidently purchase them online and get the perfect set for your first time, every time. But before you jump the gun, let’s cover the hot topics like what they are made of, how they work, how to put them on, if they are even worth it, amongst other scenarios, especially since you may have to do the work all by yourself. We have prepared a list of the things that you may find worth considering before buying hair extensions online.

1, Your Lifestyle

Hair extensions are a definite confidence booster, and the great news–they are for everyone. Are you the type who loves the beach, trying different updos, or changing hair colors very often? If your answer is yes, then we have even more great news for you! These are perfect for achieving all your hair dreams and more. STOP and consider what you do on a regular basis, and we guarantee there is a way that hair extension can work in your daily routine. 

2, The Type: Natural Hair Or Synthetic 

Another important thing you have to consider when buying hair extensions online is whether to go natural or get synthetic ones. Synthetic extensions are made of plastic hair: the ones used in wigs and doll hair. You can’t color, style, straighten or curl them. They are very noticeable at first glance. They are the most affordable, yet they tangle very easily and are super shiny, making them look evidently unnatural. Human hair extensions, on the other hand, are widely preferred as they are very natural-looking. They allow you to treat them as your own. If you’re the more discerning salon-goer, you might want to go for the crème de la crème of hair extensions: the ones made of virgin hair. They are the best on the market. You can color and style them in any way that you can’t do on their low-quality counterpart. If you ever find cheap non-virgin hair extensions, bear in mind that they are most probably processed-either treated to change their texture or dyed. They may just be damaged hair temporarily treated with solutions that may wear off quickly.

3, The Cost And Quality

As you know, hair extensions are very expensive nowadays, and there are thousands of different hair suppliers, so it is difficult to choose a good and affordable hair supplier, but don’t worry. lo, we will give you some advice in this regard. Like they say, “cheaper isn’t always better.” You’re better off doing some research on hair extension prices from different suppliers.

To get the haircut that best suits your lifestyle the first time, you should research companies that have been in the industry for a long time. Human hair needs are very high. So make sure that the extensions you get deliver what they promise. Get them from a company that has a very good reputation and specializes in providing top-quality products online. AZ HAIR VIETNAM is honored to be one of the leading companies in hair production in Vietnam.
AZ HAIR VIETNAM is proud to be one of the largest companies in Vietnam in terms of manufacturing and distributing hair extension products.

Started to learn and produce hair in 2004. Up to now, with more than 15 years of experience in the profession, we specialize in producing 100% Vietnamese hair.
We have 3 biggest factories in Vietnam, with more than 250 workers working and dedicating.
We supply hair all over the world, to European, African countries like USA, France, UK, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa…
All production processes are handled very carefully, from the way the hair is made, we have previously selected the best quality and sturdy cables.

4, The Color

Before you consider purchasing extensions online, you’re going to want to match the color to your own hair, making sure they blend seamlessly. Being off even by two shades is a downright giveaway that you’re wearing fake hair. Color-matching with the ends of your hair, not the roots, and going with the most prominent color in your natural hair will do the trick. If you don’t mind taking a risk, getting a tone darker or lighter can exude a beautiful, highlighted effect. A very subtle difference in color between your own hair and the extensions can be a safe thing as it can add another dimension to your hair. We often recommend sending a picture through to the prospective hair extension company and asking them to do the color matching otherwise, getting a hair extension color chart may also be helpful.


AZ HAIR COMPANY. The best choice for all customers.

AZ HAIR COMPANY – We have a factory locates in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam. Our main products are different kinds of virgin Remy hair extension, human hair extensions, bulk hair, weave hair lace closure, and frontal. Because have 3 big factories, we always keep the hair in stock. Also, from the sales market, we can get the first fashion information, then produce the best quality hair to keep them in stock for sale. We can also do your custom order to meet your own satisfaction! Our company sets up several departments, including production department, sales department, quality control department and service center, etc. only to accomplish the good-quality product to meet customer’s demand, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment. We always think about the question on the side of the customers, because you win, we win!

1.We are a factory which has specialized in hair extension area for more than 15 years.
2.Delivery rate=100%
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4.Reply to you within 12Hour.
5.We do many testing on products before delivery.


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